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6 ideas to increase the security of your Dropbox [Infografí­a]

ideas seguridad dropbox

Although there are excellent alternatives (Box, Mega, SkyDrive, SugarSync, etc.) and they are developed more every day, it is undeniable that the power of Dropbox continues to be noticed throughout the world, so much so that every day its millions of users and applications increase from third parties that take advantage of something more than saving files (for example, these and these others). Well, in Technobuzz they have shared a very good infographic (a study through surveys carried out by SafeMonk) with half a dozen tips to increase the safety of this popular tool that has become essential in the daily work of people around the planet , even from their mobile phones.

Encrypting files before uploading, activating two-step authentication, activating notifications and managing third-party applications are some of the ideas covered. Detailed suggestions are also shared to put them into practice although in most cases it is enough to go to the corresponding panel in Dropbox (main menu in the upper right >> Configuration >> tab Security) and follow the steps indicated. The rest is to apply common sense and simultaneously understand and consider the benefits and drawbacks of cloud storage.