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6 GMail tricks to manage your mail much faster

How to prevent them from knowing when you have opened or read an email

How to prevent them from knowing when you have opened or read an email

These cheats for GMail They will help you manage mail more productively and comfortably. Small actions that will help you get the most out of the platform.

Managing mail can become a real sink of hours if we do not do it correctly. So every so often a new application comes out that ensures reinventing the mail and soon after it is forgotten. Not a few people try each of these applications and are not satisfied with any.

Many times, the real solution to better manage email is not to find a new tool, but to get the maximum use of native tools. The Gmail web application can be more than enough, as long as you know how to get the most out of it. With these GMail tricks you will take much more advantage of the application.

Make better use of screen space

If you receive hundreds of emails every day, the space that each email occupies in your inbox probably seems absurd to you. If you want to make better use of space, you can reduce the size of each email on the screen. Just click on the settings wheel and select compact.

Keep your inbox clean

The vast majority of emails can be file once we have answered them. To do it quickly and archive faster, you can activate a submit and archive button. To activate it, you just have to go to the general settings section and select the option.

Organize your inbox with filters

If you want to have your emails well organized in different folders, Gmail can do it automatically. You can set a new filter in the filters and blocked addresses section of the settings and separate your emails by senders, receivers, subject, content and more.

Check that you have not left the session open

If you think you could have left the open session on a public device or that they have loaned you, you can check it in the small section of detailed information that is to the right at the end of the inbox. In this window you can see all the history of sessions that have been opened and close all those that are still open (except the one you are using).

Use advanced search

After many thousands of emails received, finding some old email can be a real ordeal. Fortunately, Gmail has a advanced search which you can display by clicking on the arrow on the right in the search bar. The search parameters are the same as those used to create the filters.

Attach heavy files from Google Drive

Gmail does not allow Attach files more than 50MB, which can be a real inconvenience when sending videos or long presentations. Luckily, if you want to share larger files you can turn to Google Drive.

You just have to upload the file in question to your account and then select the icon Drive to attach instead of the traditional clip icon. There you can choose any file from your account to attach to the email (actually just put a link to the file) with no size limit.