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6 free online courses to learn photography

6 free online courses to learn photography

We have already shared different online resources that those who wish to enter the world of photography can take into account, such as different courses in Spanish that we can take into account.

Following the same dynamics, today we share different free photography courses that we can find on Udemy:

Photography: Ditch Auto – Start Shooting in Manual is a course for those who have an rflex camera and want to familiarize themselves with all its functions and potential.

Karl Taylor’s FREE Photography Course Dedicated to DSLR. With different videos and PDF it goes through its different characteristics, as well as tricks to take advantage of all its benefits.

Photography Studio Lighting On A Budget focuses on the tools and accessories needed in a staging, as well as techniques to consider.

Using a Photographic Light Meter It is another proposal that deals with the subject of the exhibition in the photograph, focusing on the application of the light meter.

The following courses can serve as a complement to our work as photographers:

Create a Gorgeous Photography Site with SmugMug in 90 mins. This course teaches us how to create a web page to expose our photographs online.

Forrest Girl – Photoshop Retouching In the different sections, some tricks and techniques to keep in mind when retouching photographs are discussed.

Six different proposals that we can enjoy for free just by creating an account on Udemy.

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