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6 extensions to manage and share links like a pro

6 extensions to manage and share links like a pro

6 extensions to manage and share links like a pro

These extensions to handle links in Chrome can make you much more productive when using the browser.

The entire web browsing experience is based on links that direct you to different pages. Therefore, having the right tools to share, preview and organize links It can be an exponential improvement when browsing.

Thanks to these extensions to handle links, your Chrome navigation will be much more comfortable and productive.

Shorten links with

Bitly is by far the most widely used service on the Internet for shortening links, and has an official extension. However, there is an unofficial Bitly extension that is much faster and simpler to use: (with an intermediate point, unlike the official one).

Its operation is very simple. Just click on the extension icon and orYou will get a short address for that link, that you can copy and paste wherever you want. in the Chrome Web Store

Check if a link is secure with

Surfing the net can be dangerous if you don’t take enough precautions. You always have to know if the link you are going to click on is secure or not. So when you are not entirely sure where a link will take you, you can paste it into the extension to check if it is safe or not. Quick and effective. in the Chrome Web Store

Preview links with HoverCards

HoverCards is an extension that, when hovering over a link, shows you a card with a small preview of the link. It does not work with all kinds of links, but with those of some very popular services on the Internet such as Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, Reddit, Imgur and Soundcloud. In this way, you can get quick information without changing tabs.

HoverCards in the Chrome Web Store

Share links with Point and Quote.Plus

Point is an extension for sharing links with annotations and underlining. Works like a small social network in which you register with your Gmail or Facebook account, and allows you to share the links with anyone you add in Point (you can find the registered people through your Gmail and Facebook contacts) or alternatively, you can share the links go mail.

Previously we told you about a similar extension that allows share links on Twitter, underlining text and highlighting that text in an image with the text written: Quote.Plus.

Point on the Chrome Web Store

Quote.Plus in the Chrome Web Store

Open several links at once with Linkclump

If you’ve ever been to a page that includes multiple links that you want to open, you’ve probably been tired of right-clicking and choosing to open in a new tab every time. Linkclump is an extension that solves that by allowing you select all links in a field (marked with the right click) and open each one in a new tab.

Linkclump in the Chrome Web Store

These are our extensions to handle favorite links. Do you know an alternative to these or a different tool?