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6 excellent and addictive trivia games for Android

Cierto o falso

Whether it is to self-assess the knowledge in general culture or play with friends and family to challenge them and know who is the most erudite, we have dozens of trivia games on the Android Play Store that combine questions with ingenious, educational, entertaining and addictive game modes. Here we have half a dozen of the best and most popular:

1. True or false

Thousands of questions, hundreds of levels, a timer and two possible answer options: True or False. To this we must add wildcards, questions from the most diverse areas (cinema, TV, music, sports, geography, etc.) in Spanish, and a shared screen game mode to challenge a friend and find out who is the most agile both in general culture and by pressing the right button.

2. Asked

Of the creators of the wretched, the scrabble For mobile, comes this complete set of questions and answers related to geography, history, art and other sciences. What is fascinating is that it is extremely complete as it adds several special components to its multiplayer mode (elements, unlockable characters, a multi-colored wheel that turns and asks questions from certain categories, etc.) that enrich the general culture duels.

3. Millionaire

The Android version of the popular reality show known in dozens of Spanish-speaking countries as Who Wants to Be a Millionaire ?. The idea is the same, to answer general culture questions with an increasing level of complexity and earn a certain amount of money for well-answered answers. Of course, if they are very difficult, there are also three basic aids: change of question, 50-50 (to eliminate two wrong answers from the four shown) and the call to a friend, which in this case implies receiving an answer from other players in network.

4. Quizoid (Trivia)

In essence, it is also a replica of Who wants to be a millionaire? The big difference with the previous app is that it is simpler in the interface and can be customized: seventeen different question topics (including the area of ​​health, sports, language and religion). ), six levels of complexity, aids (including 50-50) and two themes visuals to change its minimalist appearance. The only catch is that it is only in English.

5. 4 Pics 1 Word

Its name says it all: four photos are displayed on the screen as clues to a word to put together at the bottom. The word is formed by selecting specific letters from the many available (similar to the hangman game) by putting each one in the correct field. It is worth commenting that this game has been developed by the same people as True or False.

6. SongPop

The most popular game on Facebook in 2012 is still one of the most addictive and entertaining yet on the go of 2014. It is a musical trivia game in which it is necessary to indicate the correct name of the song that is playing. There is music from many genres and it has many options to play with friends, especially those on Facebook.