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500error, to continue capturing clients even if our website has fallen


If you play a page with some form to capture data from potential clients, you will surely lose many opportunities every time the server goes down, something very common if it is a shared server.

When we host our website on the same server as other projects from unknown people, we run the risk of any problems from those strange websites negatively affecting ours, so the falls can come at any time. Each every represents loss of opportunities, mainly when our mission is to capture data, and arrives to avoid it.

This is a service that we can configure to create an error page with a data form, so that each time a page is detected on our website, new visitors are sent directly to our new error page, hosted at a completely different place. When our page works again, the page disappears and shows our information again.

All customers who report their email in the form will be notified when our page is active again, and they will see a personalized message about the form so that they know what has happened or the services they will be able to access when the website is resurrected.

A good and simple idea with good possibilities to integrate with other platforms.