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5 years of history of social networks in summary [Infografí­a]

infografia social media 2013 grande

Celebrating the first 5 years of Hootsuite’s existence, the popular application to manage multiple social media accounts simultaneously, an excellent infographic with interesting data that has impacted social networks during the same recent period has been published on its official blog. They also point out some relevant facts related to the evolution of your product.

The change in the number of users, the value of the most popular in the stock market, its impact in the real world (economic, political and social events as important as having been the means of the new global revolutions to get to knock down including governments) and in general the scope they have had and continue to have for approximately five years, are some of the most important details of social networks that are summarized graphically thanks to Hootsuite.

No protagonists are left behind as it is mentioned until the Facebook of yesteryear, Myspace, which by the way this year has undergone important changes that have made it a benchmark -other title- regarding sites to connect with musical artists and their multimedia content , both songs and photos and videos. Anyway, here we share the infographic: