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5 other simple applications for video conferencing and online meetings


Expanding our previous list with 10 of the best applications for the subject of videoconferences and online meetings, we review today another half dozen options not as well known as the first ones but they are quite elegant, innovative, simple, functional and above all, useful. Equally worth noting is the interesting fact that most make use of new web technologies to optimize transmissions without major software requirements. Anyway, here they are:


A tool that vouches for the highest quality audio and video. It has enough capacity to establish a meeting of up to 25 participants, share desktop, work from anywhere thanks to its mobile applications, record conversations, integrate Facebook and Gmail chat, have the security of its AES-128 encryption and share documents.


Neither Java, nor plugins, nor desktop applications, not even login, all you need to do is enter a name for the session and share the generated link with other people. Whoever receives it and clicks it, they simply have to give their browser access to their camera and microphone (by clicking on the permission pop-up window) and they are already joined to the conversation. The magic: the WebRTC technology with which Chrome and Firefox are compatible in their latest versions.


Another simple application that, although it has good features such as live chat, being able to share screen, annotate, save at any time, share files, invite contacts from multiple media and create private meetings, does not leave behind the option to create a conversation. without logging in (although it can be done to access other features). For those who have websites, the tool allows you to design special buttons and generate the embed code, making it easier to access from other spaces.


An excellent and professional option with HD video transmission and quality optimized according to the characteristics of the PC (Windows, Linux and Mac), with 25 to 125 participants in each meeting, the possibility of screen sharing and other content, specialized high-quality sound , mobile applications, VoIP calls and a lot of multimedia documentation.


Finally a non-free option produced by LogMeIn, the powerful tool for screen sharing and managing multiple computers remotely. does require installing a small plug-in on the PC but it is worth it thanks to its video calls from 10 to 250 participants, Internet calls, chat, applications for mobile phones with iOS and Android, sending files, support for multiple monitors, ease to work with presentations and of course, the screen sharing functionality. To make matters worse, it also allows you to record conversations.