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5 online tools to work with PDF files


SmallPDF is one of those online applications that does not require any type of registration and allows us to supply a specific need when saving or organizing the information that we handle.

It has 5 tools related to PDF files, which we can take into account. From PDF to image we find two very interesting, one of them allows us to convert PDF files into images.

We just have to upload the corresponding file and choose the option Convert full pages and the process will automatically start. Show us the images to download them in a zip file or download the ones that interest us individually.

The other function that it offers is to extract the images that appear in our PDF, following the same dynamics as the previous option, but choosing Extract individual images.It will also give us the possibility to download all the images or just the ones we select.

If what we want is to reduce the size of our PDF to share it by email or on a web platform, then we can resort to Compress PDF. But if what we want is to convert a collection of images to PDF, then we will have to choose Image to PDF.

And if what interests us is combining different PDFs, changing the order of an existing one or adding new information to it, we can try Combine PDF. It allows us to organize the PDF at our discretion very simply by dragging and dropping.

As for the files that we have uploaded or generated through the application, they will be deleted from their servers during the next hour, as reported from the SmallPDF page. If we do not want to lose sight of this application because we will use it frequently, we can integrate it into Chrome.