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5 new free online courses from the University of Navarra

universidad de navarra

The University of Navarra has presented a series of free and online courses that we can take into account among this month’s proposals.

Some of the options they present are in Spanish, such as Redaccin en Internet. A course that will show us how to take advantage of the potential of the benefits of the web to expose content in a clear, precise and enjoyable way. Pandemics: new viral infections is another proposal, which analyzes the origin of different viral infections, and all the questions around them, taking into account the latest scientific studies.

We also have two proposals in English: Logic and Paradoxes that analyze points such as the liar paradox, the Sorites paradox, paraconsistent logic, among others. And The life of the Law to be introduced in the analysis of the US legal system, covering different aspects through the 10 units that make up the course.

And as a preview of the MOOCs recommended for the following month, we find Teaching in consultation and hospital environment, a course scheduled to start on December 5 that aims to enhance the teaching skills of those involved in the training and assistance of students of Medicine.

All the courses that we have mentioned will be taught through the CourseSites platform, so we will have to create an account to register for the proposals that have been of interest to us.