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5 important predictions in Social Media for 2014


As the end of the year approaches, we begin to evaluate the events that influenced the network during 2013 and then take them as a basis to try to predict what 2014 prepares for us. Well, Social Media experts associated with Hootsuite, the popular social media management application, have set themselves the task of making assumptions in their area for the year to come. There are five important predictions that they have published on the company’s official blog and that we share today:

1. Goodbye to Social Media Managers and welcome be the Social Media Evangelists in the business sector

Social media skills will no longer be something that a few will develop, following the trend they will become skills that every employee should have regardless of their department in the company. The analysis firm Deloitte gives an example of this trend in a comprehensive study on the influence of Social Media in current businesses where it is highlighted that not only the marketing and customer service departments are seen and will be involved in the subject, now even the finance, risk and production departments are already starting to add their share.

2. -Hey, how did your Twitter exam go? Greater influence of Social Media in schools and other academic sectors

And if the influence of social media is noticeable in business, it should be even more so in schools as training centers for work and real life. Therefore, it is not surprising to see in the curricula of millions of young people the subject of social networks and their maximum use in other spaces. By the way, an interesting fact that stands out in Hootsuite is that, as in many companies, up to a third of the Universities in the USA are reviewing and taking into account the profiles on social networks of the applicants in their admissions process.

3. Social media advertising challenge the schemes and benefits of traditional advertising

Native advertising on social networks and mobile devices, the two keys to the success of 11 billion dollars of estimated income for 2017 (only in the USA). The first is the one that has been revolutionizing conventional advertising (links, banners, etc.) by showing naturally within the timelinesAs an example, the post sponsored on Facebook and tweets promoted from Twitter; The second is the physical means that will make them be with the potential client at any place and time of day, a gold mine if the growth in the use of smartphones in the world population. There’s no need to consider community-based social ad models where close customer relationships are more effective than a thousand colorful banners.

4. Online video at its best

Even mobile Internet connections have not been limiting for this brilliant medium because with short video messages and even with images in GIF format, it has been known to remove this inconvenience. I came, Snapchat, Instagram, and as usual YouTube, just to name a few examples, this year showed us that video is still the king regarding multimedia content shared by users and in the same way in the media preferred by advertisers for its viral advertising, and the trend shows that in 2014 it will be used even more.

5. Vision companies will be more connected to their employees through social networks

Of course, in addition to the first point where the importance of the training of employees in all departments is highlighted, we will also see the promotion of connections between members of the same organization through social networks. Critics, opinions, ideas, strengthening work teams, suggestions, bonuses and thousands of opportunities through Social Media, can be the daily bread in organizations with greater vision and willingness to serve their clients as closely as their employees.

Do you think that a prediction of great importance for 2014 in terms of social media has been missing? Feel free to leave it in the comments. social media image