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5 good tools to edit your photos

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Edit, resize and rename thousands of photos at once with this free app for Windows

These tools for edit pictures They will allow you to modify and improve your images anytime, anywhere.

The number of photos that an average person takes today is very high. Technology has made it so easy for us to take a good photo with the device we always carry in our pocket, that it is almost as easy to take a photo as it is to breathe.

However, many times those photos are forgotten in the gallery without ever getting the most out of them. With good tools to edit photosThat should not happen again.


If you are tired of bothering to edit the photos and in some cases the work is counterproductive, you need a program like Photolemur. This application, still in beta phase, does not require your intervention at all; detects all errors on its own and possible improvements to the image and fixes them.

The truth is that its operation is surprisingly good, especially considering that it is still in beta. Probably when the final version arrives, it will become a reference in the automatic edit field.

join the Photolemur beta here


PhotoScape is a fairly complete free desktop image editor. The interface is somewhat dated, but thanks to the large number of options it offers, stands out above other free desktop editors.

Lets you customize brightness, color, white balance, resize, draw on top of photos and use filters. It also allows you to convert the format of the images and create a GIF from several images.

Download PhotoScape here

Polarr Photo Editor

If what you need is a web photo editor, to be able to edit without leaving the browser, Polarr Photo Editor is your best option. Is about Chrome extension with tons of options to edit photos accurately. It also has several very good quality customizable filters.

Polarr on the Chrome Web Store


The market for mobile photo editors is very wide, and there was a time when there even seemed to be a bubble of this type of app. Nowadays, there are not so many alternatives that are actively updated, and although it is still difficult to choose a single app, probably the best one is Snapseed.

With a very friendly interface and at the same time a potential and precision when editing incredible, it is difficult to ask the application for more. In addition, it is available for both Android and iOS.


Gimp is one of the most famous photo editors on the market. Many times it is presented as the free and open source alternative to Photoshop, and it is no wonder. Gimp is an image editing program that closely follow the applications for professionals, if we can not find it among them.

If you want an application to work with images that is very complete and free, Gimp is your best option. And if you use Linux, you better not even consider another alternative.

Download Gimp here

With the tools in this list you can edit images manually or automatically on mobile, on the desktop or on the web. What applications do you use to edit images?