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5 free online courses to learn English

5 free online courses to learn English

To the list of suggestions that we have shared to learn in English through free online courses, we added new options. Taking into account the educational proposals of Aulatutorial, we are going to mention different resources to strengthen our knowledge in this language.

We have already commented in another article on the dynamics that Aulatutorial follows, which offers different options for our online training. One of them gives us the possibility of accessing interactive courses for free, such as the 5 that we will discuss below:

Basic English course will help us become familiar with the basic vocabulary to perform in everyday situations, as well as understand the correct structure of sentences. On the other hand, if we already have a base and want to deepen our understanding of the language, we can choose the Middle English Course.

On the other hand, if we are interested in performing correctly in a work environment, where we are required to interact in English, we can consider the Advanced English Course that focuses on helping us to express ourselves clearly using correctly the grammatical structure of sentences, at the same time that we integrate our own business vocabulary.

English Course for Commerce and English Course for Hospitality focus on providing the basic knowledge to perform in these areas and resolve situations specific to their positions, such as interaction with clients.

Different proposals that we can take into account according to our preferences or degree of knowledge when deciding to study English.