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5 free educational guides for parents and educators


Edutopia is an educational platform where different educational resources are published and shared that analyze educational trends as well as teaching situations. Among its extensive collection of content we find five guides that have been translated into Spanish.

For example, one of them analyzes the different factors to take into account in mobile learning Mobile devices for learning. What you need to know. In addition to helping us evaluate the benefits of implementing this modality, it also suggests a list of resources and tools that will help us develop ideas that integrate both students and parents.

Another guide we will find is Top 10 Tips for Assessing Project-Based LearningAll the stages of this process are analyzed, providing different tips and digital tools that we can implement to assess the progress of the students.

A Parent’s Guide to Learning in the 21st Century aims to involve parents in the different educational trends that arise, with the analysis of different initiatives and online projects.

Six Tips for Learning Based on Brain Functioning and Ten tips for class management These are the two guidelines that we need to mention, which analyze different factors to achieve a productive learning scenario.

We can consult the guides that we have mentioned from Free Class Guides, where we will find different options to download.