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5 free alternatives to Slack to communicate with your team

5 free alternatives to Slack to communicate with your team

5 free alternatives to Slack to communicate with your team

Slack It has become the service par excellence for communication and organization of teams. But there is life beyond: these are 5 free alternatives to Slack.

In just over three years, Slack has grown from nothing to become the most popular tool for team communication. They occupied a segment monopolized until then by email creating a much more suitable tool for immediate communication and well organized.

After the arrival of Slack, a multitude of services have emerged that, based on a similar base, have come to improve on their example in some things. Also, these alternatives are free, while Slack requires a paid subscription as soon as your message archive is over 10,000 or you want to integrate more than 10 third-party services.


Rocket.Chat is one of the best communication and team organization tools. It offers some possibilities that Slack does not have and that can be decisive when choosing a tool for your team: video conferences, broadcasting your screen to other team members and customizing the UI.

Also, being open source, you can adapt everything to your liking and add functions to the application as long as you have enough programming knowledge. Of course, it is completely cross-platform (Windows, macOS, Linux, Android and iOS).


Ryver is an application very similar to Slack, with most features in common. The main difference is that Ryver offers for free what Slack reserves for its paid version (that is, more than 10,000 messages in the archive or more than 10 integrated services).

Ryver still has some details to polish in fields like notifications (which can’t be turned off on the desktop), but broadly it’s very close to what Slack has to offer. It is also cross-platform (Windows, macOS, Linux, Andoid and iOS).


Moxtra is an alternative to Slack focused onease of use and mobility. While other alternatives on this list focus on making very good desktop clients and leave mobile apps as a secondary plugin, Moxtra makes sure that all features are easily accessible from its mobile apps.

Like Rocket.Chat, Moxtra offers the possibility of holding video conferences and screen sharing, although these functions are limited to meetings of a maximum of 5 people. Moxtra is available on Windows, macOS, Andoird, iOS and even watchOS.


Fleep is a team communication service that stands out because it also facilitates communication with the client, as well as the sporadic participation of people outside the team for consultations and others. To participate in a Fleep group all you need is an email address, so you can add clients to some chat without having to bother them by forcing them to create an account.

Fleep offers unlimited message archiving, unlimited conversations, unlimited built-in services, and a maximum of 5GB of file sharing per user. It is available on macOS, Windows, iOS and Android, and they are working on a client for Linux.


HipChat is probably the best-known tool of this type after Slack herself, and her fame is not given away. It is a very powerful service that offers video conferencing with the possibility of screen sharing, tag tracking, unlimited messages and access to more than 200 integrated services.

It is available on Windows, macOS, Linux, Android and iOS.

Choose one communication tool Right for your team can be crucial for the team to be productive. What tool do you use?