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5 excellent options to create mobile apps without knowing how to program


Although the amount of documentation and content to learn to create applications for Android and iOS (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch) is increasing, there are many who cannot afford to spend their time programming something from scratch that surely not enchant as much as something created by experienced professionals. Well, for this group we review and recommend this half a dozen elegant alternatives that limit the task to an intuitive design process in a totally visual interface, with forms and easy configurations but with high-quality results.


It is one of the main platforms on the market to create Mobile Apps without the need to know how to program. This creator of last generation Apps allows you to create a mobile application for your business in a very simple way and in a very short time.

Its App Builder allows you to select one of the templates already preconfigured for your sector, as well as to choose the functionalities that really adapt to what your company needs. In this way, in a very visual way, and simply by selecting and dragging you will develop a mobile application that will make you profitable.

And it is that you have to know that, currently, the needs of 90% of companies and SMEs are covered with the functionalities that a creator of last generation Apps like this offers.

But also, if you need to develop any more advanced and specific functionality for your business, its team of professional programmers can develop a mobile application tailored for you. That is, by taking advantage of the pre-developed technology they have, they can do it much faster and more economically than other companies that also specialize in the development of Apps.

Here is a video explaining how it works:

Therefore, if you are looking for how to make a Mobile Application for your business, or you need a professional developer to do it for you, is one of the options that you should definitely consider.

2. GoodBarber

A platform in Spanish that offers 50 professionally designed and fully customizable templates, notifications push smart with sociodemographic filters, the possibility that visitors enrich the app with its multimedia content, social tools, plugin for WordPress, integrated search engines, basic and advanced statistics, ad integration, HTML5 version as an alternative to those who do not install the apps native and finally accompaniment to publish the app resulting in the App Store and Google Play. You have a 30-day trial version before accessing one of their two payment plans (16 and 32 euros per month respectively).

3. Bizness Apps

Another platform with elegant exclusive designs that can be useful for sports, religion, food, drinks, music and non-profit organizations, among others. It is especially characterized by its dozens of calls to action and easily integrable functions: forms, shopping carts, system of recommendations, reservations and food orders, directions via GPS, multimedia players, notifications pushcoupons timelines and features of popular social networks and much more. It allows to create both native mobile applications (US $ 59 per month) and mobile versions of the website (US $ 29 per month), of course, it comes with a trial version.

4. AppMakr

To create apps for iOS and Android in addition to mobile versions in HTML5 for a website, with a design interface through tabs maybe not as elegant as the previous ones but it is understandable enough and with enough items to choose from. Something important is how easy it is to import content from RSS feeds, insert multimedia content and follow statistical records. There are three payment plans that the service has, plans of 1 and 9 dollars a month along with another one of 99 dollars that is only paid once; However, it also has a free version limited only by the integrated ads.

5. AppsBuilder

An excellent solution in Spanish constantly updated and perfect for those who usually share a lot of multimedia material on their website, a place to take as a source to import the content to be displayed on the app. It is worth highlighting among its highlights the mode offline so that apps continue to work even offline, a built-in PDF reader, an eye-catching landing page, templates and an analytics service. It offers two weeks trial for all its plans which start at 9 dollars per month (paying annually to get a discount). The cheapest plan only includes mobile versions in HTML5.

And now an extra:

6. Upplication

Finally a service born in Spain of which we recently highlighted its striking tools for electronic commerce: applications for iOS and Android, adaptive website for multiple devices, management of stocks and unlimited products, support in positioning (SEO), telephone assistance, publication in Google Play and App Store, payment buttons and very soon notifications push, integration of Magento and Prestashop, and complete statistics of the application and its users. Upplication presents a plan of 19.95 euros per month that, like the other options, also comes with a trial version.