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5 conspiracy theories that turned out to be painfully real

5 conspiracy theories that turned out to be painfully real

5 conspiracy theories that turned out to be painfully real

These conspiracy theories that were real seem too exaggerated to be.

The act of rebellion, of thinking differently than we are told, is part of the nature of the human being. As much as the government tells us that next summer we have to drink a lot of water, there will always be someone who believes that everything is a hoax and that we do not even need water to live.

It sounds stupid, and it is, but the reality is sometimes stupid. There are times when our worst fears are confirmed, moments when what seemed impossible is confirmed. In those moments, the conspirators presume that they were right, although in reality they are as surprised as the rest.

The madness of conspiracy theories that were real

Conspiracy theories are, therefore, inevitable. Although it must be clarified that not all conspiracy theories are the same; It is not the same to shout to the four winds that the aliens are among us and to use manipulated photos to demonstrate it, than to fight for the recognition of tragedies and crimes against humanity.

In these cases, the citizen, small and unarmed, has to fight against the government that denies the largest and has the power to convince the nation of it. Usually until several decades pass, the truth is not discovered.

In all the cases that we are going to review next, those who defended the truth were a minority, and it is only now that it is known that they were right, even if it was of little use.

South Korea abused and executed stray children at the 1988 Olympics

In 1988 South Korea was at a difficult time in its history; the fifth republic and its tirana had officially ended, but they continued to rule. The new government wanted to take advantage of the Olympics to give a new image to the outside world, so they are eager to eliminate any undesirable element.

History remembers the Olympic Games of 88 as those of change; were the most involved in the Cold War and they placed South Korea as a country of importance in Asia. Subsequent governments took advantage of this situation to establish talks with North Korea and establish the country as a democratic benchmark in the area.

But the reality that the homeless people lived in the country was very different, and only now has it been discovered that the situation was much worse than is believed, thanks to research by the Associated Press,

The youngest homeless people who ended up officially in detention centers, actually were forced to perform forced labor throughout the day and suffer constant abuse; Those who survived the random executions today live with trauma.

Faced with these new revelations, the current government has not wanted to respond, ensuring that they can’t make a new law for every incident. This controversy may seriously affect the upcoming 2018 Winter Olympics to be held in PyeongChang.

A nuclear bomb was very close to exploding on the US and the government denied it.

Transporting nuclear bombs is always a delicate task, although that is why there are strict security protocols that avoid any problem.

Besides, it’s not like the bomb is going to explode on the ground, is it? Well, that was exactly what happened about midnight on January 24, 1961, when a B-52 transport plane carrying two 4-megaton nuclear bombs reported a fuel leak while flying over North Carolina.

At that time, protocol was followed and the pilot was ordered to circle the area to use up all fuel before attempting an emergency landing, in order to avoid a major fire if it went wrong. However, the leak turned out to be much larger than is believed, andthe tank ran dry before the pilot could orient the apparatus heading towards the runway.

In this situation, the pilot ordered the crew to use the ejection seats and escape, not without first checking the hold where the bombs were; if all went well, the plane would crash and the bombs would recover the following morning. But soon after the crew jumped, the apparatus was unable to maintain its structural integrity and broke during each.

Possibly due to a blow, the parachute mechanism of one of the bombs activated, thanks to which he ended up falling near a tree and without further damage. The second bomb instead crashed directly into a muddy field, and the process of recovering all the pieces took forever.

Officially, that was the whole story; three crew members died, two of them inside the plane and a third on landing after ejection. The government explained that the bombs had a safety mechanism, and that it was impossible for them to have exploded.

The rumors told another story, and finally in 2013 the truth was revealed after classified documents were published. The opening of the parachute of one of the bombs was not accidental, but it was part of his detonation process.

Due to the chaos in the disintegration of the plane, the ignition mechanisms of the bomb were activated, and the entire process for detonation began. Fortunately, one of the four ignition switches broke, and could not activate like the rest. The failure of a single piece, probably the cheapest of the 4-megaton bomb (250 times more powerful than Hiroshima’s), was what saved the US east coast.

Thousands of tens of children were stolen in Spain

The Francoist repression after the Spanish Civil War not only affected republican fighters and supporters, but also their families and even their children. These children simply disappear overnight, criminal acts covered by authority.

It is calculated that 30,000 children were stolen during the war and post-war period; some had just been adopted into foster families, others were cheap labor for churches and future nuns and altar servers, and those with the worst luck died with their mothers in prison.

One might think that this was an exceptionally cruel case, a product of the war, but the harsh reality is that the theft of children became a common practice during the Franco regime, which continued even decades after the end of the dictatorship.

The most famous case is that of Mara Gmez Valbuena, a nun who helped in childbirth and informed the mother that the baby was dead, only to hand him over to another family in the same hospital in exchange for a donation. His signature appears on hundreds of adoption documents.

It is calculated that in the second half of the 20th centuryin Spain between 200,000 and 300,000 children were stolen, and for a long time it was nothing more than a theory only denounced by parents who had lost their babies, who were ignored and silent by the Francoist government.

The US listens to all our conversations and reads all our emails

Everyone knows that the great countries are scattered throughout the world, and that they are interested in capturing as much information as possible. But we believed there was a limit to this espionageAfter all, the CIA or other agencies cannot absolutely listen to all the communications that occur, right?

How wrong we were. When Edward Snowden escaped from the US and published everything he knew about how the NSA worked, these fears were confirmed.

Yes, NSA intercepts most Internet communications looking for keywords or suspicious behavior, he is able to record all US phone calls, and has secret agreements with agencies in other countries to spy on foreign citizens.

All these revelations they changed internet security as we knew it, increasing the popularity of apps that encrypt messages, and changing the protocols of many American companies that were afraid of losing customers, for example.

The Pentagon had a gay bomb in preparation

The idea of ​​a bomb that makes fighters homosexual is a joke that has appeared in many series, but best of all is thate was a real plan put forth by the Pentagon in the 1990s, and which became public in the 2000s.

The army wanted a method to eliminate targets in a non-lethal way, and what the laboratories came up with was an aphrodisiac gas pump that contained female hormones, and that will provoke homosexual behavior in the enemy, unpleasant, but not lethal. Come on, make love and not war, and those things.

Other types of non-lethal bombs were also considered, such as one that caused halitosis, another that caused flatulence and another that caused the victim sweated with a horrible smell, so much so that on the battlefield they would be easily detectable. There is no information on how the top management took these inventions, but we do know that the project was shelved and it was made as if it had never existed.