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4 services to download torrents anonymously

4 services to download torrents anonymously

4 services to download torrents anonymously

With these services you can protect your privacy by downloading torrents and avoid being identified on the P2P network. The best ways to download torrents anonymously.

There is something that not everyone knows about the torrent network and it is very important: it is public. Given its point-to-point operation without the need for an intermediary server, the information of what you want to download has to be sent to other users. And there are servers specifically dedicated to tracking all those connections and requests made through the BitTorrent network.

That is why it is very important to protect privacy especially when downloading torrents. These are some of the best services to download torrents anonymously and avoid being tracked.

Use a VPN

A VPN is one of the best ways to protect our privacy on the web, both when downloading torrents and doing any other activity. Basically, what a VPN does is refer all your traffic to an intermediate server, so that your real IP is hidden from the eyes of the entire network.

There are different VPN services at different prices depending on the speed, the type of encryption they use and other factors. One of the most recommended and safest is TunnelBear, which has three different plans depending on your needs (one free, one monthly and one yearly). That s, you should avoid all those VPNs that are free without limitations, since they usually violate your privacy or rob you of bandwidth, as was uncovered by the previously popular Hello VPN.


BTGuard is a serviceproxywhich works similar to a VPN. The main difference is that it is specifically designed to protect the connection in the BitTorrent network. It has an option to encrypt all traffic in addition to deriving it.

Works on Windows, Mac and Linux with any torrent client compatible withproxiesSocks V5 (most).


TorrentPrivacy is another serviceproxySpecifically designed for BitTorrent users. Its most interesting feature is that you can use it without configuring anything, since it offers a modified version of uTorrent with everything ready to download torrents anonymously.

Uses a seedbox

AseedboxIt is a private, high-speed server used only for BitTorrent downloads. The operation is simple: the files are downloaded very quickly in theseedbox and then you can download it to your computer anonymously through an http connection.

You have to take into account, yes, that using aseedboxThis website is a slightly more expensive option than the ones mentioned above. In you can find a very interesting list ofseeboxwith its prices and benefits.