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4 programs to measure computer temperature

4 programs to measure computer temperature

4 programs to measure computer temperature

These programs to measure the temperature of the computer will help you keep the health of your computer under control.

A computer is a more delicate piece of hardware than it seems, and a small failure of the fan or heatsink can end up being very expensive. And in this case that prevention is better than cure is truer than ever. Prevention is free, curing costs a paste.

The best programs to measure temperature

Just keep track of the temperature of your computer to make sure that the fan is not failing or you are straining the processor too much. To do this, you just have to find the right software: these are the best programs to measure computer temperature.

Open Hardware Monitor


Open Hardware Monitor is a program that not only allows measuring the temperature of the computer, but also includes other interesting and sometimes related data: voltage, processor speed, and fan speed. This way, it can give you a clue as to where the problem lies, if any.


Speccy is a program designed to provide users with information about their computer hardware. It includes all the technical details of each of the pieces that make up the computer, but what interests us is that it also includes the temperature of each component. The color also indicates whether or not the data is worrying, being green for normal data, yellow for worries and red for critics.

HW Monitor

HW Monitor is a program quite similar to Open Hardware Monitor, it includes the same data (temperature, voltage, processor speed and fan speed), also broken down by component. These programs not always compatible with all parts from all manufacturers, so if Open HardwareMonitor doesn’t work with your computer, you can give HW Monitor a try.

Core temp

Lastly, Core Temp is the simplest application of all on this list. It only includes information about the processor, and in addition to a few technical data, below includes temperature monitoring as well as the maximum recommended value. Quick and to the point.