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4 of the best alternatives to Google Calendar


Although Google Calendar is a brilliant option to keep our calendars, it is not the only option and much less the most complete, in fact, thanks to how much it lacks, there are quite a few alternatives that surpass it in functionality. Here we review four of the best especially for their elegance and additional productivity features, all with the ability to import calendar data into Google Calendar to facilitate a possible transition.

1. Co-standard

A tool that dispenses with the typical calendar display mode (as a matrix) to display events as a list of tasks. It allows importing from Google Calendar and other calendar applications, adding events from Gmail and your chat, using hashtags And best of all, add new events from simple commands clarifying the what and when. In addition to its web version, it has apps for Kindle, iOS, Android.

2. Hightrack

A recent productivity app that combines tasks, tracks (playlists smart work) and an efficient calendar, all very well integrated in such a way that each action in one component executes an action in the other two, showing itself as a quite complete GTD tool. It has app for iOS version premium and the possibility of importing the data from Google Calendar.

3. Outlook Calendar

Very useful especially for those who usually use accounts from, now, a group that includes all Windows 8 users who can enjoy the integration of the calendar between devices and with their operating system, getting alerts even when the PC is turned on. Its interface is very elegant and can be used in conjunction with other Microsoft tools such as contacts and Outlook, its email client.

4. DigiCal Calendar

A calendar app for Android characterized by its visual style (2 themes and 6 different types of views), multiple actions to edit the added events with a few taps, optimization to look good in tablets, integration with Google Maps and Google Nowelegant widgets, sync with Google Calendar, high-quality notifications and transitions.

Extra: Boomerang Calendar

It is not an alternative to Google Calendar but a complement. From the same creators of Boomerang for Gmail, an extension that allows you to schedule emails to be sent on specific dates (even to yourself as if it were reminders), this other extension comes out called Boomerang Calendar also closely related to Gmail. What it does is allow you to capture date and event information within the content of messages to add them to Google Calendar automatically.