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4 applications to get more out of Dropbox

4 applications to get more out of Dropbox

4 applications to get more out of Dropbox

These Dropbox apps they will allow you to cover most problems from the official application. Get the most out of the tool.

Dropbox is one of the services of cloud storage most popular today. Many people use it to store everything from work documents to summer photos. However, there are certain features that we miss in Dropbox. And having them will make it easier for us day by day.

Fortunately, Dropbox allows integrations with third party software. In this way, many of the features that you miss in the official application can be covered with other Dropbox applications. These are some of the best.


Finesse is an application for Dropbox that allows you delete files automatically on a certain date. It is very useful if you are always running out of space in your account but you have many files that you only needed for a short period of time and then you forgot to delete.

The operation of Finesse is very simple. You simply select one or more files and assign them a date on which they will be automatically deleted. After that, you don’t have to worry anymore.

Sort My Box

Sort My Box is the definitive application for anyone who wants keep your Dropbox tidy. Permanently moving files from one folder to another is a pain, yes, but with Sort My Box you can do it automatically.

Basically, what the application does is automatically send certain types of files to a certain folder. Those file types can be determined by content in the file name, file extension, or a combination of both.


Although Dropbox has an integrated image gallery function, it must be said that it is a very basic thing. When using Dropbox to save all your photos, the organization and the possibilities offered by the image manager are too little compared to a dedicated image manager.

Boxpx is an application that basically exists to solve that problem. It allows you to create, share and manage albums in a way that rivals dedicated desktop applications. In addition, it has a very elegant style, and allows you to add notes to each photo.

Although Dropbox is not a service with security problems, it never hurts to take some extra precautions. In the case of cloud storage services, encrypt the most private files and important is a very important measure to avoid risks. is probably the best Dropbox built-in encryption app out there right now. It allows you to upload directly encrypted files, and you can protect them with a private link, password or pin. In addition to Dropbox, it works with Google Drive and One Drive.