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32 million Twitter accounts leaked on the dark web

32 million Twitter accounts leaked on the dark web

32 million Twitter accounts leaked on the dark web

A new massive data filtering Jump on the Net: this time they will be the credentials of 32 million Twitter users, although the social network says that they have not been violated.

We have been quite animated for several weeks with major service hacks and important service password leaks.

Just a few days ago, we were talking about the TeamViewer hack that allowed attackers to take control of remote computers or the leak of more than no less than 117 million LinkedIn passwords, as well as 100 million other accounts from VK, the Russian social network. .

This is why many services are choosing (despite not having been violated) to recommend their users to change the passwords, because even Zuckerberg himself has been hacked.

32 million Twitter accounts leaked


The last known thing is that more than 32 million Twitter logins, a new security breach that would not have been caused by a hack in the social network, but by the carelessness of the users.

The leak is told by LeakedSource, who have received a copy of all the data from the user Tessa88 @, who is also related to the leak of the 100 million VK accounts a few days ago. Specifically they are32,888,300 Twitter records that can be consulted from LeakedSource (a website that charges to download all that database, but which is free for users who want to delete their records).

Enter the information there are usernames, emails andpasswords, but this time everything indicates that it has not been a hack to Twitter, but that everything indicates the logins of millions of users were collected by browsers such as Chrome or Firefox infected with malwareSince LeakedSource have verified that 15 users and passwords exist and are real, although it does not confirm the accuracy of the 32 million, they are also collaborating with Twitter to clarify the situation.

Data theft mainly affects Russian users, since filtered emails are dominated by, and domains, although there are also millions of Yahoo, Hotmail and GMail addresses. And on the other hand there are the most frequent passwords between the hacked accounts and yes, they are unfortunate: 123456, qwerty, password, 00000 that is, the ones you should never use.

What to do Improve the security of your Twitter account

Once again it is shown that security breaches do not come only from the company side, but also due to the carelessness of the users. The recommendations of Twitter to its users are basic: have passwords that are difficult to guess, not share it, have the latest security updates on your devices, take care of where you log in and, to add security, activate the login verification .

The two-step authentication It is an extra step that deserves to be activated, here we talk about all the services that are compatible with this verification method.