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300,000 euros of investment for Otogami, the search engine and price comparison of video games


[…] Our goal is to become the largest search engine and comparator of video games in the world.

Of course they have it in Otogami (, a project we told you about a few weeks ago, a web platform where we can search for video games, buy prices, set alerts to be notified when a title drops a certain amount, read reviews, etc.

With only 3 employees, they have been able to get numbers that bring the project closer to the great Steam, with more than 2000 games in its database in just 317 days of operation and 70,000 active offers with an average discount higher than 35%, such and as they show us in the infographic below:

They are now working on a system that lets you know when a game is going to drop in price, using algorithms that determine turning points and possible future offers. This project can be continued and accelerated thanks to a financing round of 330,000, contributed by investors who, as they tell us, share their vision of becoming the best search engine and comparator of video game offers.

It seems that we will continue to hear a lot about Otogami in the coming months, a demonstration that it doesn’t take 400 employees to build something big. In Otogami it seems that they take their work very seriously, and the more than 8 million prices registered on their site guarantee it.