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30 free online university courses starting next week


Continuing with the proposals in online university courses for this month of November, we added 30 new options from the Open2Study platform.

All the courses that we are going to mention begin on November 18. If we are interested in learning more information about any of them, we just have to go to the corresponding link.

For those interested in their teacher training, there are a number of interesting courses to consider:

Becoming a Confident Trainer (TAFE SA) How to develop skills that contribute to a productive learning environment.

Early Childhood Education (Gowrie Victoria) A journey through the different stages of development in children in their early years.

Education in a Changing World (Open2Study) Analyzes the social role of education, as well as the evolution of the educational curriculum.

Teaching Adult Learners (TAFE) How to develop a pleasant and uplifting learning environment.

If we are interested in courses related to business management or enterprise development, we can choose these proposalss:

Big Data for Better Performance (Open2Study) Basic concepts of Big Data and how to use it in a marketing strategy.

Diagnosing the Financial Health of a Business (MGSM) How to analyze financial statements to detect future difficulties in a company.

Financial Planning (TAFE NSW) A tour of the skills and tasks that a financial advisor performs.

Innovation for Powerful Outcomes (Swinburne) Analyze techniques and resources that we can use to develop a creative mind that drives us to develop innovative projects.

Introduction to Business in Asia (Griffith University) Analyzes the cultural and social context of Asian countries as a relevant point to carry out commercial activities in that region.

Introduction to Enterprise Architecture (EA) The role of enterprise architecture in ensuring the achievement of strategic objectives.

Financial Literacy (Macquarie University) Introduces you to the basics of finance.

Strategic Management (Open2Study) Principles of strategic management, and how companies can use their full potential.

Sports and Recreation Management (TAFE NSW) Analyzes job opportunities that may arise in the sports and entertainment industry.

Writing for the Web (Open2Study) Analyze the factors to consider when generating digital content.

Online Advertising (Open2Study) Analyzes basic concepts of online advertising, as well as different strategies in planning online campaigns.

Principles of Project Management (Polytechnic West) Analyzes the fundamentals of project management and skills that must be developed by those who wish to perform this function.

If we look for options related to Health we will find these courses:

Understanding Common Diseases (University of Wollongong) Discusses four common diseases, from symptoms, prevention, treatment, and development.

Food, Nutrition & Your Health (Open2Study) How to maintain a healthy diet by analyzing different factors to consider when developing a meal plan.

The Human Body as a Machine (Flinders University) How the human body works.

Introduction to Nursing in Healthcare (Open2Study) Focuses on the healthcare sector in Australia.

And we end the list with courses on Social Sciences and Humanities, Physics, Chemistry and other proposals:

Agriculture and the World We Live In (Massey University) Analyzes the role of agriculture from different perspectives.

Climate Change (Macquarie University) Analyzes all the factors involved in climate change.

Basic Physics (Swinburne) How to use the basic principles of Physics to understand our environment.

Chemistry Building Blocks of the World (Swinburne) Introduces you to the basic concepts of Chemistry.

Astronomy: Discovering the Universe (Curtin University) The evolution of the universe and the role of technology in recorded great discoveries.

Becoming Human: Anthropology (Macquarie University) Analyze different evolutionary theories.

Sociology (UWS) Analyzes the parameters that sociology uses to assess the activity of people in their context.

Understanding the Origins of Crime (Griffith University) Analyze the theory of Natural Selection to understand criminal behavior.

Foundations of Psychology (RMIT) Discusses how psychology can help understand human behavior.

Concepts in Game Development (Swinburne University) Analyze the different stages necessary in game design.

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