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3 ways to control your computer remotely from any device and for free

3 ways to control your computer remotely from any device and for free

3 ways to control your computer remotely from any device and for free

We review three options totally free to connect to your computer remotely.

Let’s put ourselves in a situation: you are far from your personal computer and you urgently need a document or file. Disaster. How many times has this happened to you?

Fortunately today we have multiple cloud storage options to save practically all our files, being able to upload and download documents from the Net in a few minutes thanks to fast Internet connections. That is the theory, the reality is that there will always be files that we have locally, stored in our computer. The solution? A remote connection.

How to connect remotely to your computer, from any device

A remote connection is, as its name suggests, a remote connection,without the equipment being physically connected over a cable, or under the same Internet connection.

What can we do with this? For example, access from your phone to your computer, seeing exactly you will see it on the PC screen, but on the mobile screen (and obviously not with full fluidity, but it is quite good).

There are many programs and remote connection applications, both paid and free, since there are superprofessional solutions aimed at companies, or people who provide remote assistance. We are going to review here three totally free alternatives, which will not cost you a penny and which are perfectly fulfilled.

Chrome Remote Desktop, the great Google solution

Note that it is not enough to see the word Chrome, it is only because the extension is installed in Chrome, but you can remotely control both the browser and any computer screen, as if you want to dive through the Windows file explorer. Anything goes.

Chrome Remote Desktop orChrome remote desktop, which is what is called enespaol, allows us to control our computer remotely through another PC or directly from the mobile or tablet.

Of all, it is my preferred choice for simplicity and for being compatible with ChromeOS, in addition to Windows, Linux and Mac. We simply install the extension on any computer and the app on the mobile or tablet, enter our security code and that’s it.

The scenario I use it the most: being lying in bed watching a series on Plex through a Chromebook. The server computer (where the series is) is in another room, so when I’m done, I go into the Remote Desktop application for Android, remotely access the computer, turn it off and sleep.

Full details and download of Chrome Remote Desktop

Microsoft remote desktop

microsoft remote desktop

Microsoft also has a tool to remotely access the computer, but you can imagine what its biggest limitation is: it can only be accessed remotely from computers with Windows operating system.

If this is your case, perfect, because you can access Windows from another Windows computer, but also from Mac, iOS and Android, since it has mobile applications. The commissioning is very simple, it is completely free and you can connect to any of your computers remotely.

  • Remote Desktop for Windows
  • App for MacOS
  • App for iOS
  • Android app

TeamViewer, free for personal use and the most professional option

Finally we talk about TeamViewer, A well-known old man who is already on his 11th version and is undoubtedly one of the most complete options for those who want to have remote connections in the professional world. In that case, it’s a pretty expensive option, since the business plan starts in 519, but as we said at the beginning, we’ll talk about free programs here.

And it turns out that TeamViewer is free for individuals, provided they do not detect that you are not making a commercial use of it. It is available for Windows, Mac, Linuz, ChromeOS, Android, iOS, Blackberry and Windows Mobile, so there will be no compatibility problems.

You can use it to transfer files Among devices, it includes AES data encryption (256 bits) and does not require much knowledge to use it.

All the details of TeamViewer on its official website

These are not the only options to make a remote connection to another computer from anywhere, of course, but they are three of the simplest and at no cost to us users.

Of course, in all cases the computer to which we want to connect must be turned on and when logging in it will notify you of it (so forget to use it to spy without being caught). A good way to connect to your team on vacation. And you, what do you use? what uses do you give?