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3 tools to create attractive banners

Aspecto de con algunos banners creados

A picture is worth a thousand words, or so they say. Be that as it may, it is increasingly necessary to know how to create banners in order to disseminate information on social networks. Facebook, for example, disseminates graphic content more than text content, although lately it seems to be giving priority to video.

In this short list we show you the tools we use in WWWhatsnew for this purpose, both to illustrate articles and to publish content on networks:

– Creating suitable banners for each social network is not an easy task, since each one has a suitable format. It is true that we can upload any image to each network, but the ideal is to respect the appropriate proportions on each platform so that the result is perfect. That is what Canva allows us: to select the destination of our image in order to start building the image in question. It is possible to select several free templates and elements, being necessary to pay 1 dollar for each image that we want to include directly from your search engine. In case we have images already available on our computer, we can upload it and include it in the banner at no cost. look with some banners created

Pablo, from buffer (famous platform for publishing and managing content on social networks): Very simple and practical, where we only have to include the text and select the background. It is possible to export in different sizes, but we cannot customize the result very much.

Fotor: To create montages using various photos already available, it is the fastest and most practical option that we know. The PC version is very fast, and allows you to align captures, make free montages or create mosaics in a few seconds.

There are many options, no doubt, mainly for mobile devices, but with these three you will surely have all the basic needs covered.