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3 technologies that will be very present in 2017

mayo 23, 2020

Another year ends and the forecasts of what will be 2017 begin, forecasts that are made after having constantly read the news in various sectors of all types of media during 2016.

In the same way that we commented a few days ago that Virtual Reality has not gained the prominence that we all expected in 2015, there are three technologies that have, and 2017 will be key to its global implementation. Here you play them:

Artificial intelligence: It is not a novelty, it has existed for decades in the most diverse sectors, but this year it has been applied in platforms of common use taking advantage of the great capacity of data processing that we have at hand. We have seen how it is applied in photo editing, scene recognition, writing creation, forecasting, accident detection … Artificial Intelligence will be the main protagonist in 2017 due to the application of increasingly advanced algorithms in tasks from day to day, teaching the machines to know exactly how they should behave.

Autonomous cars: Related to the previous point, autonomous cars have been a reality for months, although we still have to overcome several obstacles related to local laws to allow their popular use. The tests will continue in 2017, manufacturers will show the world their projects, autonomous taxis will be a reality in more cities, autonomous trucks will start to circulate on more and more roads … It is a long and slow road, but autonomous cars will reach the world in a few years, and 2017 will be fundamental for its consolidation.

Renewable energy: This year 2016 has been key in the implementation of renewable energy for home use. Tesla's batteries are a prime example, solar highways, impressive ocean energy projects … The world of oil is dying, and while there are strong political interests to keep it going, renewables are increasingly taking their way. fast. Let's hope that in 2017 we can, from more countries, take more advantage of the clean energy that Nature offers us.

And with these three pillars, we say goodbye to 2016. Happy 2017!