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3 free tools to manage day-to-day tasks and improve productivity


At this stage of the year, many are looking for tools with which to improve their productivity for the year to come. Luckily, on the Internet we find thousands of tools that facilitate this task. On this occasion we found it interesting to highlight three simple free tools with which to better manage day-to-day tasks.

24hDone – Android

Available as an application for Android devices, 24hDone allows users of the Google operating system for mobile devices to manage day-to-day tasks easily. The application approach is very simple, since the idea is that we have 24 hours to complete each task that we add (Even so, we can activate it again after this time). Also, you don't even have to have an Internet connection to use it.

Timelog Web

Timelog is a much simpler tool than the previous one, although it does not stop it from being interesting. As you can see in the image above, It is a timer with which to control the time we dedicate to each task. In addition, since it is available in a web version, we can access the tool from any platform. Highly recommended.


One of the main peculiarities of DooBot is that it is a bot, tools designed to imitate human behavior in one way or another. Specifically, DooBot (available on Messenger, from Facebook) is able to remind us of pending tasks through the Facebook platform, with the advantages that this entails. DooBot send us a reminder every 30 minutes over an 8 hour period, so it is ideal for procrastinators.