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3 free online courses for WWWhatsnew readers


Several times we have told you about as a platform in which anyone can buy courses in video format, or take and offer them on said website, something ideal for those who want to dedicate themselves to online training using one of the most popular formats for this type of activity.

Thanks to a collaboration between Floqq and WWWhatsnew, we will be able to offer some of the courses all available for free, being necessary to access the links that we disclose from here, from The idea is to continue expanding our list of free online courses with quality content found on the web.

The courses that we present today are the following:

How to do business in China. 5 videos with a total duration of 25 minutes where some of the keys are explained to understand the way of negotiating in that country. You can access the course by clicking on this link. How to create impactful presentations with Prezi. Ideal for those who want to use Prezi as a substitute for Powerpoint and the like, a presentation system that draws attention for its zoom in / out system in the areas in which you want to stand out. The course is available here. Origami. A course to learn how to make paper figures. 10 videos with a total of 38 minutes that can be enjoyed at, where the trailer and the introduction to learn how to make the Crane, the Rooster, the Frog, the Flower, the Heart, the Plane, the Boat, the Elephant, Raven and Rabbit.

Stay tuned, we will continue to disseminate courses at a 100% discount.