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3 free courses to learn English that we find in TareasPlus


We have already discussed on several occasions the educational resources that we can find in TasasPlus, both free and paid on different topics.

Among the proposals of this platform we find 3 free online courses for those who wish to learn English or expand their knowledge in this language. For example, if we want to start with the basic concepts we can choose the American Pronunciation English Course (Basic Level) where through different lessons we will be given a tour of pronouns, verbs, pronunciation, among other topics.

And if we want to continue with the preparation through TareasPlus we can continue with the same line but with a higher level with an English Course – American Pronunciation (Intermediate Level) with 61 lessons where we will focus on verb tenses, pronouns, adjectives, as well as some beginner mistakes to avoid.

And if what we want to focus on everyday situations and have the basic knowledge to develop in it, then we can consider a third option in a free course: Practical English for everyday situations I. In this first part, emphasis will be given to three specific situations , a job interview, an airport and a hotel. An interesting help to keep in mind if we plan to travel and we have to face these situations without having knowledge of the language.

In order to benefit from these courses we only have to register on the platform and then follow the instructions presented in each lesson.