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2conv, limited media file converter

2conv, limited media file converter

On the internet there are online video converters for all tastes and colors, from the most complete to the simplest. And within the simple ones we find 2conv, a limited one, at least for the free option, a multimedia file converter, which allows us to convert any file to Windows DivX, iPod and MP3 files, since in paid accounts it allows conversion to all formats except the Basic account, which only adds Linux DivX.

To do this, we have two ways to indicate the multimedia files to convert, either by link or by direct upload from our computer equipment. As a free option, we can only convert up to 10 files per day, without each exceeding 100MB. In addition, we are also limited to a number of online video platforms.

Apart from these two tracks, we have a third that simply allows us to download the same video in the native formats available. For this we indicate the URL and we get a series of options to download. For example, with YouTube videos, if we indicate the URL of a YouTube video, we will get several options to download depending on the different resolutions supported by said video.

2conv is a somewhat poor option compared to other options, although it is there for those who do not want to get involved with the variety of existing formats and want to have a multimedia file, for example, for their portable device.