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2 tools to count words, characters, paragraphs, reading speed and more


As you already know, on the Internet we can find a large number of useful tools for all those who work with text. Despite the fact that we have already spoken to you about some of the most popular ones, this time we have seemed to highlight two quite interesting alternatives for count words, characters, reading speed, paragraphs, among other things.

Word counter

In general, the operation of Word Counter is quite intuitive. Once we have written or pasted the text that we want to analyze, the web will show us all kinds of details of interest. In addition to showing us the number of words and characters that we have used, the web also It allows us to know the level of reading necessary to understand the text or the time it takes to read it aloud. Without a doubt, it is one of the most complete tools of this type that we can find on the Internet.

Word Counter Tool

One of the most striking advantages of Word Counter Tools is that it not only allows us to paste the text that we want to analyze in the browser, since It is also possible to upload a document for analysis. Next we will have access to all kinds of data of interest, such as the longest word used in the text, the density of keywords and the number of unique words. Fully recommended.