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2 Pending issues of the brands: understand social media and accept the vocation of service

2 Pending issues of the brands: understand social media and accept the vocation of service

Despite all that we have walked since those first explosive days of Facebook and Twitter where, we stared in amazement at the revolution and innovation that networks brought to our lives although, without imagining that the paradigms associated with the economy, production , the company, the established social order and the way we communicate, in short, will undergo such a drastic and structural change, despite this today, we continue to wonder why some strategies fail in social networks.

DenisNata –

1.- Understanding Social Media, a great challenge for companies from their foundations

This is a reality that occurs with the same dynamism, although we do not want to accept and think that it is not necessary to structurally change the way of building companies and work teams, the reality of social media will prevail, showing that it is impossible to grow;

Without prior strategy Without study and training about the market and competition Without clear ideas regarding the message and social interaction Without a good content marketing strategy that has the stellar collaboration of followers immersed in the creative process.

Understanding that the new company needs to receive feedback from its clients and its market before launching into the exhibition and consolidating its branding is essential. We cannot forget that each decision, each study, each investigation, each consultation, each election, etc. It is done by consumers today through the use of the network. Or is it not true that social platforms are powerful information channels for information-savvy customers?

2.- Accept the vocation of service. Slogan: what can my brand do for others?

Yes, we know that social networks are allied platforms of brands. We know that in them, our products, services, content and, ultimately, all our actions, become public from the moment we make the leap, which is very positive specifically for local and small businesses. But if we are clear about the strengths, why the strategies fail.

We only have to remember one of the great fears of brands when they consider making the leap to the social universe; the crises, which shows a deep insecurity on the part of companies before a much more prepared and capable consumer, who has no qualms about showing a deficiency in the quality of the service provided by our brand.

The only way to minimize the impact of a crisis on our reputation is to prevent it and therefore, monitoring what is said about it, but before that, we need to find one more key. The one that opens the door to efficient strategies that are not exposed to the constant risk of exacerbated criticism and the loss of influence; accepting and building a vocation for customer service.

We must accept that our brand, be it in the market or in any industry, belongs to the consumer and that, only by seeking answers focused on satisfying the needs of others, is that we manage to build trust and credibility with customers.

Understanding social media and accepting the indisputable and undeniable nature of the vocation of foreign service, are the two fundamental premises to take full advantage of the advantages offered by social platforms and the ubiquity and benefits that the network provides us.

Finally, we must forget about self-promotion, prioritize conversations around our brand and see social media as a panacea for SMEs. Growing is possible, although not without effort, we still have pending subjects!