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2 options to know the most relevant of our Twitter account


We have many tools and options that allow us to enjoy the full potential of Twitter, without having to overwhelm ourselves with too many details. For example, if we want to know the most relevant updates to our account, we can take into account the applications that we will discuss below.

For example, if we do not want to continuously track what is shared on our timeline, we can use TweetQureet. Based on our interests, create a daily report that will reach us by email.

We can also see more information in the same application from the Timeline tab, where we will be shown, among other details, the keywords that have influenced the position of the tweets.

On the other hand, if what we want is to have an application to monitor our Twitter account from our mobile devices, we can choose to TweetsFoot. This application for iOS and Android will show us the 21 most popular tweets of the last 600 shared on our timeline.

It also has some extra options that help filter the information that only interests us, such as hiding those users that we do not want to examine when generating the report.

Both applications are free and we can access all their functions by enabling the corresponding permissions.