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2 methods to upgrade to Windows 10 if you have Windows 7 or Windows 8.1

You can now update to Windows 10 Creators Update, the new version

You can now update to Windows 10 Creators Update, the new version

Oddly enough, it is still possible to find methods to upgrade to Windows 10; Yes, even if the update period has passed.

It seems like yesterday when the free upgrade period to Windows 10 finally ended; at least officially, because Microsoft continues to allow the jump without paying a dime.

There are still methods to upgrade to Windows 10

It is strange, the truth; The methods for upgrading to Windows 10 are not exactly tricky. It seems like only the uninformed will pay for the license, while the uninformed will get the system for free.

Anyway, here we will not try to understand what is going through the head of Microsoft; instead, we are going to help you to be informed in case you want to switch to Windows 10 and you have not yet done so.

Method 1: Assistive Technologies

We have already talked about this in Omicrono, because it was the method discovered shortly after the free term ended. The key is that when Microsoft announced that Windows 10 was no longer free, it only said so to the general public.

Instead, for users who need assistive technologies, the period is extended; the grace is that there is nothing that controls that we really use these technologies.

So we just have to access the Microsoft website for assistive technologies, and click Update now; will download an executable that we have to open and guide us through the update process.

There are two bad things. First, that it seems that we are taking advantage, like the one that leaves the car in the disabled parking lot; second, that Microsoft has already warned that closing this method to update. So if you’re interested, hurry up.

Upgrade to Windows 10 with assistive technologies

Method 2: The Media Creation Tool

This week it has been discovered that, surprisingly, we can upgrade to Windows 10 using the media creation tool.

This program allows us Download Windows 10 and save it to DVD or USB memory; using those images we can install the system.

It is a very useful tool if we want to reinstall the system or if we already have a Windows 10 key and we want to install it; but also, it turns out that This program also supports Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 keys if we update without creating a medium..

All we have to do is download the tool and Click on update the equipment (not on creating a new medium).

The media created with this tool associate our password with the hardware we have; but don’t bother to check if the key is valid for the update, contrary to what happens if we download Windows 10 directly from Microsoft.

It is not clear if Microsoft knows this trick, or if they will close it soon. So as in the previous case, it is recommended to use it now if you want to update.

Download the Microsoft Media Creation Tool