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18 augmented reality videos applied to marketing and advertising


We still don’t know if this is being the year of augmented reality. What is clear is that more and more disciplines are targeting the advantages offered by this new technology.

We were recently talking about education, or journalism. So have museography, architecture, or map technology. While for some of these disciplines it is enough for the moment to know that it can be done, others seem to be already clear about what part of the future is going to be there.

This is the case of advertising, which has wanted to take advantage of the potential of augmented reality to draw attention to all kinds of products. The proliferation of advertisements has been such that some speak of arvertising as a new acronym that arises when the terms AR (acronym for augmented reality, in English) are added with that of advertising.

The following videos present some of the possibilities that this new concept already offers.

Animated Lego Digital Box at Downtown Disney Orlando

Lego Augmented Reality

Burger King $ 1 Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality_Benetton brochure

Wine in augmented reality

Augmented Italian Wine 2

EZface Virtual Mirror Kiosk

Augmented Reality Cosmetic Mirror – CScout Japan

Yes Web Cam – Rayban Virtual Mirror Webcam Application

IKEA app for iPhone

This is not a cereal box… New 3D experience

dip game demo 123

Evo-Works Augmented Reality Video Heineken Bottle

BMW Z4 vs London

Ford – Ford Ka Augmented Reality Ad