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15 Google products for those who create websites

Rereading the most popular posts of the great I find this list of 15 Google products created to facilitate the work of those who create websites.

From browser extensions to statistical control tools, none of them should be ignored for those who work professionally on the subject:

1. Google Chrome Developer Tools

Set of tools for developers that can be activated in the google Chrome browser by pressing the CTRL + SHIFT + J keys.

2. Webmaster Tools

Essential tool to know the details about the positioning of our pages in the Google search engine, with options to know errors in the crawl, problems of non-existent pages and slow loading, etc.

3. Google Web Toolkit

Google Web Toolkit is a framework for programmers that allows you to build websites integrating with various Google services (AdWords, FeedBurner, Google Ajax Libraries, etc.). Here is a tutorial to start using it.

4. Google Code Search

A search engine for programmers, with thousands of functions and codes that can help you not create from scratch what is already widely publicized.

5. Page Speed

Extension that allows us to analyze the loading speed of our web pages, detecting possible problems with scripts that take longer than normal to be executed.

6. Browser Size

Ideal to see how our website looks in different sizes, something that must always be taken into account, since there are not few people using the old 800 × 600 …

7. Google Ajax Libraries API

JavaScript libraries that use Google’s infrastructure, saving our server bandwidth and resource consumption.

8. Google Website Optimizer

It allows us to test various versions of a page to decide which one is best accepted by our audience.

9. Sites

The famous Google Sites that we can use to build a website in a few minutes, although it still lacks many resources to be a professional option.

10. Speed ​​Tracer

It helps us identify problems of various kinds in our web application. You can see some examples here

11. Project Hosting

Excellent place to host our projects and have the code always available.

12. Google App Engine

To save our applications on your servers, being executed in a subdomain of

13. Google Chart Tools

Tools that allow us to display information with graphics, making it much easier to convey the information to our readers.

14. Closure Tools

Tools that can help us optimize our scripts to improve their performance.

15. Google Analytics

I couldn’t finish the list without talking about the quintessential statistical analysis tool: Google Analytics. It only sins in one thing: it does not display data in real time.