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12 scientific experiments easy to perform and available on YouTube


Science fairs are a classic in schools so there are more than a few who have been in trouble trying to get flashy, educational and not very complex ideas for their projects. Sure, it was like replicating ideas when you needed to follow black and white tutorials from old books, but now, with the many specialized YouTube channels that exist and the millions of useful and freely available videos on the Google video network. , now it is a piece of cake.

The following are just a dozen examples of eye-catching scientific experiments, the vast majority recommended in a listing on Mashable, highlighting events of utmost scientific importance that can be launched in a few minutes. You can visit the respective channel of who posted each video on the list to review more experiment ideas.

1. How to make the glass invisible

Some Pyrex glass (that of kitchen refractories), vegetable oil and water, and enough to work with the effects of light refraction to make an object invisible.

2. Put a boiled egg in a bottle

With a few matches (matches) suffocating inside a bottle, a boiled egg can be passed through your neck regardless of the width of the neck.

3. Cook an egg without fire

By leaving an egg in alcohol for just over a quarter of an hour, the egg will cook even without a heat source such as from a stove. The result can be unpleasant to taste but certainly interesting to the eye.

4. Waterproof sand

By soaking sand with some fabric protector, a striking effect is achieved that makes the water unable to touch or combine with it, even when submerged.

5. Extract iron from breakfast cereal

Many cereals literally contain iron, in fact a magnet, water and a bag are enough to extract it as a filing as if it were any other highly attractive metal.

6. Make a cloud inside a bottle

After talking about the Internet cloud, we have forgotten that they are also in the sky, and they arise thanks to the vaporization of water, something that can be replicated with a little alcohol in a bottle and the pressurized air produced by a bicycle pump.

7. Create plastic from peanuts

If you want to start creating plastic figures, for example, to build the physical part of some electronic devices made from scratch, you can take advantage of the properties of peanuts dipped in nail polish remover.

8. Miniature rocket with aluminum foil

With toothpicks (toothpicks), aluminum foil, a lace, a long toothpick, a specific miniature rocket design and various match heads (matches), you can achieve a striking pocket arsenal.

9. Make instant ice

Purified bottled water and put in the freezer for 2 hours and 45 minutes, achieve striking properties in its solid state, a state to be achieved when exposed to different materials at room temperature.

10. Create a lava lamp

With water, food coloring, oil, a flashlight and an effervescent tablet (with salt it also works, although not as well), all in a tubular container, you can try to emulate one of those brand new and hippie lava lamps.

11. Get plasma with a grape

With just one grape almost cut in half and put in a microwave oven for a few seconds, the fourth state of matter can be visualized: plasma. It fascinates both what is seen and what is heard.

12. The lantern gourd, engulfed in fire

Some alcohol derivatives available in various kitchen cleaners are enough to set a terrifying Halloween pumpkin on fire constantly and colorfully.

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