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12 reasons why Social Media teaches us to be “part of”

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It seems incredible? Yes, it is, but it is not very strange to meet microentrepreneurs and SMEs who, on a daily basis, decide to become part of the social universe and who encounter obstacles stemming from a lack of knowledge in relation to what is expected of them.

Make no mistake, when an SME in the offline world decides that the time has come to stop losing, alliances, customers and opportunities and that social media, geolocation networks and online marketing strategies can be great allies for the growth of your brand, think at first, the growth of the commercial side, the opening of new sales channels, however, this is one of the first errors and with more dramatic consequences.

It is not a minor issue that in social media we all interact, from a double personality focused on maintaining quality standards through the constant increase in demands. All prosumers, we act indifferently conforming; from our consumer personality, the demands we face as producers. What constitutes a huge challenge!

Yes, our clients are in the networks and our allies and our competition, all of them in one way or another follow us and we follow them, generating a spiral of new needs from the content that is shared but how influence is built ? Is it or is not a reality that today brand is synonymous with influence and this in turn d efficiency and this in turn quality and therefore synonymous with ROI?

If we take as valid that the construction of a good social presence is nothing more than the gateway to the new production model, we must inevitably focus on the actions necessary to generate that they listen to you, speak to you and dialogue, about your content. Let us remember history, when the social order revolved in parallel with commerce, the quest to build ever larger networks is a constant in all civilizations!

We must therefore become aware that what we are doing is nothing new and that, from the teachings of history, it remains for us to rescue that; To think that we can enrich ourselves by acting alone and aided by the constant conquests, revolutions and innovative processes that we have managed to develop, is a mistake of great magnitude.

-In the current moment, social media tells us about the new way of communicating and for this, we must listen to the other who shows us the path by which we must walk and use that listening to obtain information.-Social Media tells us again In the face of great historical challenges, respect, sharing and equity.-Dialogue is one of the pillars of relationships and the constant search for cold ties, it must remain a slogan-ROI, brands, influence, quality , efficiency, all the variables through which the success of the strategies is measured are related to the ability we have to constantly learn from what others transmit to us.-When we press share, an efficiency chain that neither we can even imagine. Getting our content shared is nothing more than obtaining permission to pass through the door of influence. From there, it is when we must begin to listen, only then we can continue to create and achieve the conversion.-If you are not honest, if you are not able to say what you think, feel or believe and try to hide some type of information that you It seems it can harm your goals, the weight of abandonment falls on your brand, you lose your reputation and influence, today they are capital sins that announce the expulsion from social paradise.-Social Media teaches us to be part of what allows us to have Our objectives are clearer and we know how to measure the importance of the community in our growth. -The use of tools is part of the skills, knowledge and experiences, with which we launch the exposition of who we are. -Being influential and visible is not It is a minor issue, it implies the responsibility of effort, perseverance and constant learning.-Asking to find the meeting point, is the first step to achieve that a handshake is the beginning of In a relationship based on Win Win, social media is not a platform designed to advertise ourselves, but to establish relationships that allow us to develop.-Innovate, whenever you can, never fear doing new things, think that, if you analyze the metrics and your cycle of active listening, you get that your customers would like to receive, something untamed and you do not give it, you are closing the doors to the construction of an innovative brand.-Finally, do not fear for the lack of resources, the Social Media is a world of opportunities in which, while you build your influence, you can sustain the following strategies, the only challenge is to establish a time horizon and realistic objectives in accordance with market conditions and fierce competition.

Doing things well is much more than a phrase, we must get used to living with other types of needs, we must find the way to grow as individuals and professionals, but above all, Social Media allows us to grow as a civilization and. As things are, it is not an opportunity that we should miss, don’t you think?