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12 million classified CIA documents now available online

mayo 23, 2020

The CIA had 12 million classified documents that, at last, have decided to change their category to be distributed over the Internet.

They are declassified pages that include information on Nazi war crimes, the Cuban missile crisis, UFOs photographed or observed from different places, records related to telepathy between humans (Project Stargate) and many more.

It was Bill Clinton who asked long ago (in 1995) that all documents with more than 25 years old, with historical value, be declassified, but it did not happen with all, so now the amount of information is increasing, which must still It will be a small percentage when compared to what should be in the drawer of secrets.

Available at, the new search engine is more advanced than the database published in the year 2000, a database called CREST that could only search for document titles. In 2014, an NGO called MuckRock filed a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit to pressure the CIA to publish all its documents online, and they said it would take a few years to do the analysis. Time has passed, and the analysis is over.

Although much of the information is unexplained, it is an enormous amount of data that historians will be able to calmly analyze for years, as well as documents that can feed the imagination of those interested in the X-files.