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12 good ideas to repeat tweets without disturbing readers

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Without a doubt there are many occasions that we feel that we have not reached the target audience of our tweets, that if they had been tweeted at another time they could have gotten more readings and retweets. Obviously the first thing that comes to mind is trying to repeat the tweets but that brings with it a couple of problems: the users who did get the tweet the first time and Twitter’s SPAM filters. Well, with the following dozen ideas that they share on SocialMediaToday and that we are trying to delve into here, you can try to find the solution to these problems. The key: exploit other social networks and information channels.

Through Facebook

1. Integrate the tweets Your Twitter account automatically on your Facebook page, for example, through an application such as Twitter Tab that adds them in a new page tab, or through the official Twitter application that imports them completely.

2. Meet the best tweets of the day, write a post introductory and in the comments add one by one the links of each tweet. Thanks to the thumbnails of links and images within the comments, they will be quite detailed.

3. You can do the same thing but weekly, for example, every Friday: gather the best of the week in one post, write a short introduction and take advantage of the comment fields.

With Storify

4. Create a new story and include the tweets you prefer, for example, the most popular of the week. Selection work is made easier by dragging and dropping tweetsThis is without the multiple filters (for RT’s, by timelines, by tweets with images, by users, by language, etc.) that will allow you to get the required content with just a few clicks.

Through a daily bulletin on

5. You can create a newsletter with all your popular tweets through There you can select your Twitter account as the main source of content for a new Journal. Subtract configure automatic updating and publication (daily or weekly) in addition to sharing the link of the Journal generated both on Twitter and in other spaces.

With the help of blogs

6. Through the creation panel of widgets from Twitter (main menu >> Settings >> Widgets), through the timelines custom TweetDeck or with the tens of plugins for CMS (WordPress, Blogger, Drupal, etc.), you can embed in the sidebar of your website (as it is done here in WWWhat’s new) a space with the best tweets.

7. Write a new article on the blog enriching it with the tweets highlights of the day, week or month. You win side by side because you get a new space to repeat tweets and you gain in content thanks to the facilities and visual characteristics of the insert of tweets in the popular CMS.

Through Pinterest

8. Design a simple infographic with your best tweets (for example, through screenshots) and share it as a new one Pin.

9. Create a new item pin enriched with tweets that you created on your blog.

10. Organize on a new board the tweets Most popular, each as a new pin.

11. Post on Twitter the respective pin links with summary images and featured tweet boards you’ve already created.

With newsletters goes email

12. If you have daily newsletters that are sent e-mail your followers, you can post the newsletter link on Twitter. In this way the content of the tweets but in a different and more detailed space.

If you have a good idea to add to the list, do not hesitate to leave it in the comments.