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$ 11 million for Bitcasa, the unlimited online storage service


Surely many of you will remember Bitcasa ( as the project that promises to end the competition by offering the fastest, safest and most comprehensive file storage service on the web. They were talking about unlimited space, the latest generation crypto system … it was many months of waiting until the result disappointed Greeks and Trojans.

Thousands of users complained about its speed, others compared it to MEGA, with whom it was losing, and Bitcasa evolved little by little, without making much noise or achieving the prominence it expected.

Now it seems like a second chance is coming after an investment of $ 11 million received from Horizons Ventures and Pelion Venture Partners, $ 11 million in addition to the $ 7 they received in the past and being invested in expanding borders to conquer a region and the one that is having enough success: Asia.

They comment on Techcrunch that they will also accelerate development to offer more collaborative work-related functionalities, not just a large and secure virtual hard drive, something that seems not enough to attract attention in markets where Dropbox, MEGA, Box and other solutions seem to dominate the market without leaving much room for competition.