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11 free online programming courses in Spanish


Reviewing the lists of courses offered in floqq, course, learning, tutellus and homeworkplus, you can find several courses related to technology.

We have dedicated ourselves to filtering those designed to teach programming, always making it clear that it is one thing to make a program and quite another to design a complete and complex system, something that requires knowledge that is difficult enough to acquire outside the university environment.

The courses that we show you here help to know the bases and to start developing both pages and applications:

Mobile application programming: There is one of 47 minutes in floqq and another of 2 and a half hours on the same platform dedicated to Android. In course, there is also one with Android programming bases. For iOS there is one in Tutellus, as well as one for Mobile Application Development with Titanium.

Programming and web design: On course there is one of the Fundamentals of Javascript and another of SEM and SEO web positioning, as well as one of Introduction to web design. In aprendemia there is one of Introduction to WordPress. In Tasksplus there is one that helps to go from psd to html5 and another one with the bases of web design.

If you are looking for something more specific in some category, indicate it in the comments and we will try to help by consulting the sources that we review frequently. programming image