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10 spectacular statistics and analysis tools for your website

10 spectacular statistics and analysis tools for your website

To measure the influence on Social Media, I was already commenting on the dozens of web tools, including Klout, that did it without problem. However, even more important are the general and analytical statistics as a source in making wise decisions that allow optimizing the user experience with the content and incidentally increase the income obtained from such changes. The following are some of the best, thanks to WebDesignerDepot for listing them.


A detailed and quick report will be the one that you will get when entering the URL of your website in the magnificent WooRank system. Within the diagnosis, the points in favor and the shortcomings regarding SEO (Priorities for your website), links, loading speed, keywords, domain information, software and standards used, latest posts on social networks and even a view of how the site looks on mobile devices.


The creators of the famous worldwide website ranking system, the Alexa ranking – which improves much more if its browser bar is installed – offer demographic information on visitors to, the keywords by which they usually reach certain page and other free tools to optimize search engine positioning, up to the number of links that point to each site.


A free alternative and an Open Source web statistics application with an efficiency similar to that of Google Analytics: reports by location, colorful graphics, keywords, browsers, search engines, referred sites, real-time visits, objectives, custom variables and more. It is free and can be easily installed even as a plugin in case the CMS used allows it.


To fully analyze visitor interaction and behavior – or better, visitor cursor – when accessing the website: heat and heat maps scrolling (to find out where they usually give scroll), and number of clicks by page elements and by segmentation criteria (such as the percentage of clicks by referred sites). A 30-day trial version is included in your plans.


Similar to WooRank although in its PRO version it focuses completely on the analysis of the competition, information about the origin of your traffic and keywords. Free of charge in the Competitive Rank part – in association with -, it quickly offers a list of similar sites according to category, location and general keywords, offering each of them up to the heat map (in which part of page visitors click more).


To carry out tests or A / B tests, efficiency comparisons between static changes of the website (a design A and a design B) by means of specific experiments that allow knowing which likes and generates greater benefits. The simple integration of the code, the practical visual editor to modify the elements and its complete help through its step-by-step guides, make it stand out even against renowned tools such as Google Website Optimizer.


What better than the opinion of users to analyze and know the aspects that could be improved on the website. What KISSinsights offers is a pop-up survey system – using a small Javascript code that is easy to implement – with filters and functions to take advantage of even the simplest comment.


A new level for heat maps and analysis of user behavior on each page to use such information in usability, performance and navigation, thus implying – according to its creators – a considerable increase in the percentage of conversions. Now, the new level is applied because it even records, literally, the movements of the cursor of the visitors.


A textual analysis tool with powerful keyword review algorithms specially designed to make AdWords campaigns more efficient by maximizing ROI in Google’s advertising tool – for which it includes a flawless integration. Programmable alerts, graphics and a version demo they are included in your options.

Google Analytics

Finally, the spectacular Google tool that millions of users around the world use on a daily basis: Analysis of visits in real time, behavior of visitors (heat map), information of origin (country, OS, browser, time), influence of social media, most popular content, variations in tastes, analysis integrated with Google AdSense, conversion statistics, multiple users, reports in PDF …