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10 of the best offline apps for Google Chrome

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Although we can do the unimaginable with all applications on-line existing, it is necessary to have a Plan B so as not to be left without a job when the connection fails or presents problems. Well, thanks to Google Chrome and its webapps that are installed with just a click from your app store, we will have a lot of work to do even without an Internet connection. Here are a dozen of those tools, mostly shared on a Hongkiat listing.

1. MomoNote

An elegant tagged and multimedia notes application for optimal organization, being useful as a tool to point memos even to keep a complete daily record of events and generate task lists. MomoNote is available both in web version and for iPhone and iPad, of course, the data is automatically synchronized between versions.

2. Writebox

A minimalist text editor focused on productivity, writing without distraction. The application creates automatic copies in txt format and saves them locally. however, it also allows you to connect Google Drive and / or Dropbox accounts. It comes with basic editing options, a word counter, Markdown tags, and finally the ability to save files in TXT and HTML formats.

3. Task Timer

To keep a brief record of the time invested in a certain number of previously indicated daily tasks. What it does is use counters, stopwatch buttons (start, stop, restart) and a pie chart (from which specific tasks can be excluded) to summarize the day showing the percentage time expenditure. The data of the webapp they are kept locally.

4. Gmail Offline

The official Gmail application to work offline, that is, with the possibility of having the inbox (the messages of the last weeks) and the composition panel that will save the messages created as drafts until the Internet connection. After that moment, it will take care of sending them all automatically.

5. Scribble

A productivity tool to record ideas, reminders, and other important data through quick colored sticky notes. It has 5 different colors for the notes, notifications from Google Chrome (programmable by minutes, hours and days) and the possibility of having the notes on other devices through an account in the service to allow their instant synchronization.

6. OrganizeMe!

An elegant Google Chrome client to have Springpad, the brilliant multimedia organizer (notes, recipes, things to do, web pages to read later, ideas, books, movies, etc.), even in form. offline and with content imported from Evernote. Now, since Springpad has applications for multiple devices, automatic synchronization is also guaranteed.

7. QuickNote

Another option for creating notes quickly, only in a more minimalist way, without labels or multimedia material, but simply plain text written by hand or copied directly from web pages through a right-click context menu option. It has notebooks to manage the created, deleted and other notes of greater importance. Additionally, it allows synchronizing the notes through an account on

8. Scientific Calculator

A powerful scientific calculator that provides advanced functions of algebra, trigonometry and calculation, both reserved functions and functions programmed from scratch by scripts archivable locally or form on-line. It has so much capacity that it allows working with complex numbers and multiple variables that are managed even from a table.

9. Read Later Fast

To have multiple web pages previously saved in the tool through a right click >> read this link later over the body of a certain page or simply by executing a key combination. In addition to that you can use offline, it is possible to synchronize the data in a on-line through an account at It is worth highlighting its presentation mode that shows page after page as if it were a slide.

10. Cracking Sands Racing

A video game of Mario Kart racing (with characters competing in their colorful vehicles testing their handling or making others suffer the consequences of the powers obtained in surprise boxes) to be completely distracted and forget that there is no Internet connection. Its graphics are high quality, it brings multiple game modes, unlockable achievements, various scenarios, and basic language and image setting options.