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10 keys that cannot be missing in an e-commerce business

10 keys that cannot be missing in an e-commerce business

That e-commerce has become El Dorado pursued by all entrepreneurs, prosumers who today, at the click of a button, seek to launch their virtual store becoming influential and benchmarks within their market or industry, is nothing new. This is how we are building a new social order!

It is evident to say that an online store is designed to sell, to show the competitive advantages of our products and to build trust with loyal customers to help us on our growth path. Now, beyond the advantages that, undoubtedly, virtual stores have, we focus on what are the essential actions to achieve this triple objective.

Let’s see the 10 actions that cannot be missing in an e-commerce business

Choice of logo. Let’s remember the reasons why Pinterest, the image social network, has grown so fast! The advantages of including an image that really defines the message of our brand come from its relationship with impact and how it favors memory. We must choose a logo that unleashes emotion and defines what we want to convey.

e-commerce = selling emotions !. Undoubtedly, who does not like to receive an offer, a gift or perhaps free shipping. Who is not attracted to offers in which the business relationship begins with a discount on the final price. Many people know and follow brands attracted by the power of the gift.

The consumer is full of information, transform that into a competitive advantage! It is evident that the proliferation of virtual stores encouraged by the dust of social media stars and the inclusion of the social phenomenon also, in the offline world, presents us with a universe of fierce competition where, only the ability to impact the heart of emotions, it is he who achieves an effective transition to influence and long-term ties. Let’s not underestimate the power of the Newsletter!

Product catalog, indisputable synonym of the quality of your brand. And how could it be otherwise, having a product catalog and a virtual store does not imply grouping them all on the access page and showing a special interest in the more commercial aspect of your business. The current customer wants to buy but always through emotions and sensations, those that make him remember them and come back again and again, seen with information, to feed their needs.

Shopping cart and searches. Without a doubt, the location of the shopping cart as well as the search box are two of the elements that most capture the attention of customers.

Payment methods, a letter of trust. While it is true that payment methods are always a sensitive issue and a common obstacle faced by virtual stores, it is also true that the number of options available allows customers to deliver a safe and reliable option.

Social networks, great allies. There is no doubt that social media has changed the life of virtual stores. E-commerce has experienced tremendous growth encouraged both by the security underlying social exposure and the cult of online reputation, and by the penetration of the mobile Web. Having network marketing strategies is essential for e-commerce based businesses.

Customer service, added value. If there is a market that requires permanent connectivity and the enablement of customer service without interruption, it is the e-commerce sites. Although social networks have been transformed into Call Centers 2.0, it is also necessary to enable all the channels in which our clients interact, we not only achieve the early detection of any element that implies crisis, but we deliver added value to a client that today, buy feeling cared for.

Comparatives, search engines = a commitment to training. There is no doubt that in the produced model that is currently imposed and that has electronic commerce as a nerve center, the responsibility of brands in the training of consumers is a symbol of added value. Including options for online comparisons and search engines for virtual stores implies a commitment to the global quality of the Network and is therefore synonymous with trust and credibility.

Sum of influences, in the most relevant e-commerce yet. Have you noticed the sections in which the trusted brands appear, those brands that have united their influence with ours? Having this type of support indicates that one is a brand with a reputation, which is decisive for the completion of the purchase process.

As we can see, the safety pins of an e-commerce based business focus on two fundamental pillars: Added value and security, both of which are the ones that trigger memory, impact and emotion. Finally, it is what today’s consumer buys!

And you? What additional elements do you think are positive for success with an e-commerce business?