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10 great WordPress plugins for Christmas


Few days are left for Christmas and it is time to dress up our website for the occasion. However, the task does not represent any complexity especially if we use WordPress and its useful plugins, as an example, the ten that we highlight here today with the help of Hongkiat:

1. My-Christmas-Calendar

A simple way to activate an adaptive and fully customizable navideo calendar, on any page or place within the website, just by inserting a command. It works through so it will be necessary to create an account in the service to manage it and indicate the public URL that will enable insertion.

2. Countdown Clock

The classic widget encouraged with the countdown to the holidays. He widget allows you to configure its appearance through templates Taken directly from, its size, orientation and shape (vertical, horizontal, compact horizontal), colors and sizes for the counter text, local server time, animations, and some transparencies.

3. Merry Christmas Everyone

A Santa Claus who scrolls through the sections of the website staying to rest in different parts of it (in the images, on the page footer, in the titles, etc.) accompanied by a storm of colored balls, a melody in MP3 and OGG (it is necessary to indicate the URL where it is located) and a customizable link to which the person who clicks on Santa Claus will go.

4. Christmas Countdown Widget

Another simple counter that will keep track of the days, hours, minutes and seconds to start the Christmas holidays. The funny thing is that the meter will be in the beard of a Santa Claus who is also easily inserted as a widget more in the sidebar of the website or within a certain section of the page invoking it with just one command.

5. Holiday Message

A Santa Claus, a snowman, an elf, a Christmas tree, a children’s choir, a Christmas glass ball and a Chanukah chandelier will be the stars of an elegant Christmas card that will be shown as pop up to all visitors. The message to include can be fully edited as can the background of the card and its position of appearance within the website. To make matters worse, a countdown can be added to the card.

6. WP Super Snow (Falling Snow, Customizable)

A plugin that simulates the falling of snowflakes within the website. It activates in a matter of seconds and what it will be to add a slight script (1.4 Kb) to the header of the website so that the snow effect is visible on all pages. It has two default snowflake styles and you can add custom designs from images.

7. Snow, balloons and more

Similar to the previous one regarding the storm effect that it simulates, not so elegant in its configuration but with many more predefined designs to choose from: points, water drops, tree leaves in different sizes, smaller snowflakes and colored globes.

8. Snow Storm

The third and easiest option to have a blizzard on the website. The characteristic of this plugin is that the flakes are simpler and smaller, they can be changed in color and they fall specifically at the position where the mouse cursor is kept.

9. Xmas Lights

Just activate the plugin to see in seconds, at the head of the website, a curious extension of colored Christmas lights that go out and light up in an animated way. BTW, it looks pretty cool with snow falling using any of the above plugins.

10. WP Scheduled Themes

Finally, a plugin that allows you to schedule the activation of certain WordPress themes during specific periods, for example, a navideo theme that completely changes the appearance of the site only during the week of Christmas day.