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10 Chrome extensions to manage and organize hundreds of bookmarks


If like many you have captured an enormous amount of content on the network through web bookmarks (also known as bookmarks or favorites) and folders are not enough, much less the bookmarks bar or the administration section of the browser to easily access them, you can save time and space with the many extensions that in the Chrome Web Store A good dozen effective copies are available as a sample:


To access certain bookmarks by filtering them by folders, title, date, URL or any of the tags that the tool allows you to add. It has operators for queries.

2. Neater bookmarks:

To visualize and dispose of all the markers in a small space through a file explorer with tree structure. It comes with a detailed configuration panel and a search drawer.

3. Quick Bookmarks:

An extension that replaces the New page with a bookmark panel with folders and with the grid appearance of the PC file explorer.

4. PolyMarks:

It allows you to add some or all the tabs that are currently open to a list of bookmarks in such a way that they can be reopened with just one click. It may be useful to register.

5. Recent Bookmarks:

A large pop-up balloon that launches with its respective button in the extensions bar and that highlights, grouped by dates, the most recent added markers.

6. Momiji Bookmark Extension:

The Momiji application plugin for Mac OS to manage bookmarks in a more intelligent and advanced way from a panel with a minimalist GTD-like appearance.

7. Hush:

To work with bookmarks in Google Chrome incognito mode. It allows you to create sets of them and protect each group with a password, edit them, encrypt them, export them and import them.

8. Le Tags: Tagging and Bookmark Manager:

An option that allows you to add bookmarks and edit existing ones to add labels that make it easier to manage them from a complete panel that will replace the New tab.

9. Bookmarks Plus:

An elegant option that through menus, also inside a small pop-up bubble and accompanied by a search drawer, facilitates access to all the markers.

10. OneAccess: Bookmarks, History, Favorites:

Finally an extension to have bookmarks, recent history and a top ten favorite sites, all simultaneously thanks to the tabs on its interface.