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1 week for Startup Camp Latam, 100% online event, for entrepreneurs


More than 70 entrepreneurs will participate in the Startup Camp Latam, an online event that will be held from November 11 to 16 with the aim of helping companies that are being born in Latin America.

Wisboo, a collaborative education platform that we have already discussed on some occasions, and Endeavor, organization to support the entrepreneur, are the organizers of this event in which more than 2000 entrepreneurs have already confirmed their participation, although the number will surely continue to grow, since the sponsors will distribute more than 200 free tickets before starting the event (the Entries are achieved by inviting friends using the Share or Invite button at

With the tickets, which will be randomly drawn among the participants of the promotion, we can access the Internet and select 20 talks of our choice. Among those responsible for them we have Ash Maurya, founder and CEO of Spark 59, author of the book Running Lean, Frank Martin, founder and CEO of, who will comment on how to obtain Silicon Valley capital for a product from Latin America, Emerson Andrade, founder and COO of Peixe Urbano, and many other names that will help to better understand the paths that must be taken to transform an idea into a project with a solid business model.